YOU Beauty Club - How Does It Work?

Step 1:
Select out 3 Month YOU Beauty Package.

Step 2:
Select from the drop down if this is a gift to yourself or for a lucky recipient! 

Step 3:

Add to your basket and complete your order, using delivery details for the recipient (if not yourself) in the Shipping Address.

Step 4:
After your order has been confirmed and if you selected the gift option, a Daily Mail YOU Beauty Gift Card will be sent to the recipient, to let them know in advance of their first book arriving.

The postcard is sent in a card envelope. If this is a surprise gift, please let the recipient know not open the envelope ahead of time!

Step 5: 
All packages ordered before 29th December will start in January 2021.

For the duration of your subscription, one book will be sent during the first week of each month. Until then, sit back and wait for your book to be delivered.